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Post by Beedrill on Thu Sep 22, 2016 1:46 pm

This race topic is mainly for a race between me, MegaAbsol, and Zyaeblm, we are also using a rom hack called Pokemon FireRed Omega
Rules: (As natural for a nuzlocke, but with a bit extra)
1. We each start with a different starter from the game
Mega = Magby, Zyaeblm = Elekid, Beedrill = Smoochum
2. When a pokemon faints, it will remain unusable and should be placed in the PC box
3. You may only catch one new pokemon in each each new area (This rule is put into effect when we are able to get pokeballs)
4. Legendaries are banned, and there can not be any trading aloud, unless of course someone is going to be nice enough to help evolve your pokemon
5. You must nickname all pokemon (Unsure of why for this rule... but sure XD)
6. You are aloud to gain a pokemon from any NPC
7. Battle style set to Set
8. You are allowed to catch and use any shiny pokemon you see (as much I do kind of want to ignore this rule XD)
9. Since we can not play this all at the same time, we will be posting 30 min intervals of what happened (we'll even pause during the middle of battle), this is so we can easily tell how long it took for us to reach a certain destination and (if we somehow all beat the champion) tell who won the race.
10. The race will begin once we obtain our starters, so we will begin the timer once we are able to pick a pokemon

I'll be posting a link to everyones race once they post it up.

MegaAbsol: 7:40:00 - Episode 12(?): 1 Death
Zyaeblm: 3:00:00 - Episode 6: No Deaths
Beedrill: 0:00:00 - Episode 0: Prologue

Let's hope for a clean and 'nuzlocke fair' race

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Nuzlocke Race Empty Re: Nuzlocke Race

Post by MegaAbsol on Mon Oct 03, 2016 5:40 am

Derp, lemme clear that up xD I've clocked 7:40 hours on the game, according to the screen (it honestly doesn't feel that long; I must have left it open and done something else.)
I've had one death - Pikachu, at the hands of a crit Tackle by Skitty. Poor Persephone </3

P.S I think Zy's had a death too o3o A Sentret or something. Or maybe he boxed it. Those pictures are too small xD

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