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Post by Beedrill on Sat Oct 01, 2016 2:02 pm

Episode 0: Prologue
A devastating race to a deadly end!

I had awoken in a familiar place, my bed, but I felt like something wasn't right, something was just... out of place. I had quickly rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and sat up, I took a glimpse toward my window, Pidgeys, Wingulls, and all sorts of flying types was seen in the air. I stood and walked to the window to get a better idea, I saw people happily sitting outside, chatting, in the forest was two Rattatas, battling it out, everything was perfectly fine. I watched the battle go on, it was fun to watch these sort of battles, but it wasn't long until my 'feeling' came true, between the two Rattatas sat small pools of blood, they were playing a game of fate, a game of chances, a game of life vs. death.

I quickly ran downstairs, my mother was standing at the TV, holding her hand over her mouth in shock, eyes were watery. I walked over and what I heard made my heart sink. "Again, we apologize for this interruption, but a disease had spread through our region that has enraged the pokemon into fighting to the death, our current champion has also claimed to be the cause and that all trainers are forced into battling until all their pokemons have died. What makes this worse is that he also stated that because of our situation, we are only allowed to catch one pokemon in each area, and that he will spread the cure across the region once he has been defeated, we will now be returning to your current program... Have you heard of the best ice cream in town? Come to the Castelia City in the Unova regi-" and off the TV went... Me and my mother stood in silence, I placed the remote down on the TV and ran outside, my mother was to shocked to stop me. I ran into the lab to look for Professor Oak, the lab assistance stood there looking at me "Looking for Oak? He went to the route to check on the pokemon" and that's where I ran off to next.

I stopped at the beginning of the route and looked around, I couldn't see him anywheres, we cannot lose him, we need him in order for our town to survive. I decided it be best to look for him and quickly bring him back, but before I could take a sprint, someone yelled at me "Wait! Don't go out there!" I quickly turned around "But someone has to find Prof-" I was stopped by who I saw "Professor Oak? You're alive!" "Of course I'm alive, I may be old but you can't kill me off yet! Anyways, it's dangerous to go alone, come with me, I'll give you a pokemon." He told me, and we went to his lab.

We had quickly discussed what had happened, and he told me his grandson, Skitty, had planned on coming by to get his pokemon later, and that he was also planning on taking down the champion "Ah, also, there was a two others that came by as well, they came by, asked for a pokemon, and they went off as well, it's great to see all you youngins' being so interested in helping, but sadly I only have two left, one that I had promised for Skitty to have, so all I have left is a Smoochum, are you willing to take it or would you prefer waiting?" He looked at me as if it wouldn't be a surprised if I said I'd wait, I knew I couldn't wait, I had to go before it got worst "I have to do this, it's now or never... I'll take Smoochum and be the best there ever was! I will take down the champion and help bring the world back to it's original state!" I said and walked over to the table where the single pokeball sat "I, Poochyena, will became the Hero of Kanto!"

So um... yes... here is my very badly made post, I'm actually really bad at grammar so I apologize for that!

So... yeah, this is the prologue, meaning it has yet to be timed and currently I have yet to actually begin the race... so I apologize for that as well! XD

Anyways, here is some pictures I took (I recorded the game and took frames from it, I win XD)

Beedrill's Nuzlocke Race Info110
Beedrill's Nuzlocke Race Info210
Beedrill's Nuzlocke Race Info310

Beedrill's Nuzlocke Race Name110
It wouldn't allow me to name myself Beedrill ;~;

Beedrill's Nuzlocke Race Name210
This'll do XD

Beedrill's Nuzlocke Race Name310
Get rekt Gary, now your name is Skitty! REKT!

Beedrill's Nuzlocke Race Settin10
Here is the settings I'm using! I like watching the battle effects but... eh... whatevs XD

Beedrill's Nuzlocke Race Before10
And here is where I ended my session, so uh yeah... everyone has started... I haven't yet, so I'm sorry if you were suspecting me to actually have started... but TROLOLOL!

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Beedrill's Nuzlocke Race Empty Re: Beedrill's Nuzlocke Race

Post by MegaAbsol on Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:31 am



This needs to be posted!

Beedrill's Nuzlocke Race Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTHvmDAmbYYmtH8701SWLbeXUtGMvsI9_9sqo4BRfcsQDzNCWxz

Beedrill's Nuzlocke Race C2a6bbfa40298867b5e47208b8a58f89 Beedrill's Nuzlocke Race 359
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