Lexa Reuben (Complete)

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Lexa Reuben (Complete)

Post by hissingwillows on Sun Nov 15, 2015 1:25 am

Core Information

Name: Alexandria Reuben
Nickname/Alias: Lexa
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Viridian City, Kanto
Trainer Classification: Tamer (Prefers Dark or Ground types)
Character Tracker:

Physical Attributes

Height: 5'7
Weight: 118
Appearance: [img][/img]
Defining Traits: Scar on left cheek, often has a tomboy-ish appearance


Personality: As a child, Lexa was often described as a ruffian. Even today, she picks fights, is stubborn as a Tauros, and charges into any situation without much thinking beforehand. She can often be catty and condescending, though she doesn't always realize she acts that way. Despite her brash attitude, she often feels bad afterwards if she acts overly rude or goes off for the smallest thing, and does her best to genuinely apologize. Attitude aside, Lexa is a bit carefree and adventurous, and loves to explore. She's also stubbornly loyal, and if she befriends someone, she'll stick by their side through thick and thin.

Strengths: While stubbornness can be a weakness, Lexa considers it one of her strengths. Once she sets her mind to accomplish something, there's almost no chance you'll be able to steer her away from it. Additionally, she is physically fit, through frequent running and climbing.

Weaknesses: More often than not, her hotheadedness can get the best of her. What began as playful bickering has numerously led to physical fights with other kids- one particularly harsh fight led to her scarred face. Lexa also has a tenancy to not think before she acts, which can easily get her into trouble.

Battle Style: Lexa likes moves that hit hard or hit fast. Sometimes, she prefers to incapacitate her opponent by using moves that paralyze or put it to sleep, but generally, she prefers to just go for striking as much damage as possible as quickly as possible.


History: Lexa's mother loved to say that she came out of the womb already fighting. As a toddler, she was famous for her terrible twos... and threes, and fours- really, her 'terrible' years never ended. Though Lexa could often be upbeat, it didn't take much for her to snap and either throw a tantrum or get into a fight. This led to her having few friends as a young child, but Lexa didn't mind much. She preferred to wander in Viridian Woods, scattering food for wild Pokemon. It seemed to be the only thing that always kept her happy and calm.

After she turned ten, Lexa had no more tantrums, but still couldn't control her outbursts of anger if someone ticked her off. She skipped school, picked more fights, and acted out frequently. People said it was probably because her father left with no warning- and who knows? Lexa may not have not it, but subconsciously, her father abandoning her and her mother did contribute to her problems. When she was thirteen, a boy teased her for it, and she tackled him for it. Things got violent quickly, and he hit her across the face with a small rock, which left the scar on her face. Even though it wasn't a fight she won, she wears the scar with pride, and often lavishes the story greatly.

Defining Moments:
-Had few friends as a child, which led to her fascination with wild Pokemon.
-Father left her at a young age, further worsening her anger issues.
-Fight with a boy at thirteen led to her scar that she proudly displays like a war medal.

Other Information


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Re: Lexa Reuben (Complete)

Post by Alice Hope on Sun Nov 15, 2015 12:12 pm

This really needs a hell of a lot more detail. Her personality is incredibly basic and needs more elaboration and depth to create a full, three dimensional and realistic character. As for her history, there's barely anything to it. She's lived for seventeen years, and I'm sure at least a few more interesting things have happened to her than just the fight and her father leaving. What was her day to day life like? How did all of the tantrumming/fights cause strain? What was her father like, why did he leave? What about the rest of the family? What did they all do? Why does she prefer dark and ground types? Presumably she's leaving home, what's her motivation for that and why wait until now if she obviously doesn't have much to stay for? Please put a lot more thought into this.
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