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Post by Alice Hope on Tue Oct 20, 2015 3:15 pm

Welcome, one and all, to the high street exchange! This is the place to drop off Pokemon or eggs that one doesn't want, whether bred or obtained through other means. They can be sold at a price tag of your own choice, or simply left here for giveaway purposes. Of course, if charges are obscene, don't expect a sale and - if too excessive - even for the mods to put it up. We aren't a shady black market, after all. Really. We swear. Stop looking at me like that! ... Damn it.

If you have a drop off to make, please specify which Pokemon/egg it is from which character and paste the form/profile into your post (along with prices if necessary). It will then be relinquished from your character and placed here. It can be re-adopted, but only after a three day grace period, so make these decisions with heavy heart and mind, sellers.

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