Victoria "Verde" Green (WIP)

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Victoria "Verde" Green (WIP)

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Core Information

Name: Victoria Green
Nickname/Alias: Verde
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Virbank City, Unova
Trainer Classification: Trainer
Character Tracker:

Physical Attributes

Height: 5'6
Weight: 140 lbs

Victoria is a short, slightly muscular girl. Her skin is tan and her eyes are a dark shade of green. Although her hair is naturally brown, it has been dyed green and red. She wears a purple tank-top with a red shirt-sleeve undershirt. She also wears blue-violet sweatpants, blue running shoes, and blue and red socks. Victoria wears a pair of hot pink fingerless gloves. She carries supplies needed for her journey within a warmly colored messenger bag (pictured above). She also has a single golden colored earring.

Defining Traits:
Green Eyes
Red and Green Hair
Dirty Clothes
Single Gold Colored Earring


Personality: Perhaps one of Victoria "Verde" Green's most notable traits is how hot-tempered she is. She is extremely quick to anger, and it does not take much to set her off. Worst of all, she becomes quite aggressive when she is mad, often shouting or even attacking if angry enough. Luckily, she is usually not upset for long, and if she realizes that it is causing someone she did not intend to upset feel hurt then she will try to calm herself or walk away from the situation.  Unfortunately for her, her anger can (and has) led her to make rash decisions.

Whenever she is not upset, Victoria is rather friendly and makes jokes.  She is a compassionate person, and can come off as overprotective to someone that she thinks is weaker than her and in danger. She despises those that hurt those weaker than them without legitimate reason to, and will confront anyone who does so. There have been times where she will see someone who was once a bully and would still be angry at them. She is stubborn when it comes to her beliefs, and in order for her to change herself there would have to be a really important reason. Aside from her temperament issues, Victoria is ignorant to her own flaws, and she usually gets angry when someone points them out. The only time she has changed herself when someone noticed one of her flaws was when her friend said that she might end up becoming a bully herself. She wanted to prevent this at all costs, so she made a set of rules for herself so that she could remain chivalrous.

Victoria is usually always confident in her abilities, especially her strength. The only time she is not is when there is definite proof that someone is stronger than her. However, it only fuels her to try even harder to defeat them. She is a fairly competitive person when it comes to power, and she always enjoys a challenge. When someone is better than her, then she is only more determined to best them. This is one of the biggest reasons that she became a pokemon trainer. Not to grow as a person or explore the world, but to escape boredom and prove that she is the strongest in Unova!

Physically powerful

Ignorant to own flaws
Holds grudges

Battle Style: Although Victoria does not have much experience in battling with pokemon, she does have a basic idea of what she will do when she gets in a pokemon battle. Instead of using defensive moves or ones that increase stats, she will focus on offensive attacks. She has most of the type advantages memorized from when she was in trainer school, and she will try to use them to defeat others. She finds it more honorable to attack opponents head on without any tricks, as opposed to using the environment. She would rather overwhelm them with brute force rather than fooling them with clever plans. Perhaps the only time she will is if the opponent is much too powerful for her and her pokemon. To sum it up, she fights using type advantages and attacks enemies head on with powerful moves.


History: Victoria Green was born in Virbank City, Unova, and lived there during her early childhood. Her parents would teach her basic things, like reading, at home whenever they had the time to. She found her early life quite boring, however, as there would be nothing to entertain herself with. Once, while wandering outside her house aimlessly, she overheard a passerby mention something about a "gym leader" and a "pokemon trainer". Confused, she asked her father about it and he explained the whole thing to her. Though she did not fully understand it, Victoria thought that it sounded more exciting to be a pokemon trainer than just spend her entire life inside her house.

She told her parents that she wanted to be a pokemon trainer, and although her mother thought that it was improper, her father was delighted to hear it. From that point onward he would teach her the basics of battling and training pokemon. However, as time went on he became busier with his job at the complex, and eventually the lessons became less and less frequent until they stopped altogether. Upset by this, Victoria told her mother, and she learned about a trainer school in Striaton City. She asked her parents if she could go there, and when she was twelve her mother and her moved to Striaton City while her father stayed to work at the complex in Virbank City.

Adjusting to life outside of Virbank City was harder than Victoria thought it would be. Her father was no longer there to distract her and her mother was not exactly thrilled about her daughter wanting to leave home to be a trainer. Still, she was enrolled into the trainer school, and attended there everyday. She would always pay attention to the lessons yet would often do worse than the other students. Due to this, and her foreignness, some kids would make fun of her. Like any other kid, Victoria would argue against them, but this would cause things to escalate out of control. Verbal arguments would transform into actual fights in which Victoria would often be beaten. Despite this, she refused to tell her mother about it, and would hide her wounds out of fear that her mother would take her out of the school if she knew.

One day when Victoria was walking home, another kid noticed that she had a bruise and asked her about it. When she told them that it was due to a fight with bullies that she lost, the kid advised that she try to get stronger. Realizing that such a plan could work, Victoria began to train, and eventually her punches were powerful enough to actually hurt those that she hit. After a time, people began to think that it was not a good idea to target the girl that could break your finger if she really wanted to to bully. Instead, they began to pick on other students.

Once Victoria saw them bothering a new student to the school, she was filled with rage. Fuming with fury, she attacked the group of bullies with all of her strength. This proved to be a foolish action as she had taken quite the beating before the fight was broken up by a teacher. Later that day when her mother saw her wounds, Victoria told her that she saw a kid getting bullied so she fought the bullies. Her mother was furious, but when her father found out he was rather proud. He told her that he hoped she beat them up, too, but that she should be careful and focus on school as well. Her mother, however, told her that she should just focus on school before she gets seriously hurt. Several days after the incident she found the kid that she helped and checked to see if they were alright. Worried that they would be picked on once more, Victoria began to walk with the kid to school and back. Eventually they became friends.

When she met one of the bullies who had moved away and then came back, she discovered that they saw her as a bully. Enraged by this, she shouted at the kid and threatened to hit them. Later, she told her friend about it angrily, and they said that she should be careful about becoming a bully herself. Hurt that her friend would even consider the possibility of her being mean, Victoria refused to speak with them for several days. During her silence, she thought about what her friend had said, at first angrily but then with a calm mind.  She loathed to admit it, but she did notice that she had become more bully-like over the past two years. Not wanting to completely become one, Victoria made a set a rules for herself, a "code of honor".  After she had come up with them all, she went back to her friend and told them it. Her friend was confused, but thought that if she were to follow all of them then it would prevent her from harming innocent or defenseless people.

On Victoria's fifteenth birthday she was allowed to visit her friend's house and even to stay the night.  It was her first time being over someone else's house, and also being so close to a pokemon. So, of course, Victoria was too distracted by her friend's Patrat and Lillipup to pay attention to them.  Her friend noticed this, and offered to have a pokemon battle with her to grab her attention. Without thinking twice about it, Victoria accepted the offer. She chose to use Lillipup to battle with, but it did not matter. Although she was knowledgeable in battling, Victoria lacked experience, and it was not long before she was defeated by her friend. After the battle, her friend's Lillipup was too tired for them to have a rematch. She never said it, but Victoria vowed to defeat her friend in a pokemon battle someday.

On Victoria's sixteenth birthday her father came to visit her and her mother.  They were both overjoyed to see him again. They all spent the entire day together, and she introduced him to her friend. That night, her mother and father presented her with a surprise. They knew that she had wanted to be a pokemon trainer for the longest time, so they said that she would move back to Virbank City with her father and that there would be a pokemon waiting for her at her old home. Of course, she was overcome with happiness, but she quickly realized that it meant that she would have to leave her friend and mother behind. This saddened her, so she asked if she could spend just a few more months in Striaton City to prepare to leave.

Victoria's father agreed, and he left back to Virbank City the day afterwards. She explained the situation to her friend, who was both upset and happy for her. Her friend did not want her to worry about them so she  told her not to fret since her journey would bring her back to Striaton City anyways. Over the course of those months spent in Striaton City, Victoria spent most of the time with her friend and mother. Near the last few days of her time there, her friend suggested that she do something to make her stand out in a crowd. Although Victoria was not concerned about sticking out, she did want to be remembered by those she battled when she became a trainer. She and her friend felt that the easiest way to do that would be to leave an impression, and one way of doing that would be with her appearance. So, with her mother's (reluctant) permission, Victoria, with her friend's assistance, dyed her hair red and green, two of her favorite colors.

A couple of days after that, Victoria and her mother traveled to Castelia City and took a boat to Virbank City. Her mother walked her to their old home, and after they said their goodbyes, she left on the next boat to Castelia City. When her father first saw her, he immediately noticed her hair. He pointed it out, and she told him about why she had dyed it. After that, he began to call her "Verde". At first it bothered her, but it soon grew on her and she accepted as a nickname. Once Victoria saw her pokemon, she was filled with excitement and joy. For the next several days, Victoria and her pokemon got closer, her father gave her more advice on being a trainer, and he bought the supplies that she needed for her journey. After double-checking to make sure that she was adequately prepared to be a pokemon trainer, her father decided that she was ready and that she could leave at any time to begin.

Defining Moments:
Deciding that she wants to be a pokemon trainer
Moving to Striaton City
Attending the trainer school
Being bullied
Becoming stronger
Defending a kid and becoming friends with them
Making a "code of honor" for herself
Having her first pokemon battle and swearing to defeat her friend someday
Dying her hair red and green
Moving back to Virbank City
Meeting her first pokemon and becoming a pokemon trainer at last

Other Information

The main rules in Victoria's "code of honor" are to only attack someone in self-defense or if they are or have harmed someone who is weaker than them, defenseless, or has no reason to be hurt, and if you see someone that is in danger or at risk then protect or assist them. When it comes to attacking in self-defense she thinks that how harsh she attacks depends on the level of danger she or someone else was in. For example, if someone just punched her then she thinks that it is fine to hit them back, but not too powerfully. Yet if someone's or her life was in danger then she can use all of her strength to fight back.


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