Jasper Richards WIP

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Jasper Richards WIP

Post by Reni Devaroux on Wed Jan 27, 2016 5:53 am

Core Information

Name: Jasper Richards
Nickname/Alias: Water Boy
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Sinnoh
Trainer Classification: Water Pokemon Trainer [Photographer]
Character Tracker:

Physical Attributes

Height: 5"5
Weight: 8.2 Stone

Defining Traits: N/A


Personality: The first thing that people seem to take from meeting Jasper is his courteous nature. Age, generally most behaviours, most jobs and species aren't taken in to account when Jasper is interacting with someone, whether he has a small distaste for the persona or job of whom he is talking to, the young male will always try to remember his manners. He will always try to remain polite, kind as well as considerate to the needs and wants of others around him. He is generally and sincerely a really nice guy and this can be seen and heard in his speech. Always one to hold the door open for those behind him, to stand up for others whom are incapable of standing up for themselves and to help those whom are generally in need.

Alas such a nature can also lead him to become easily swayed by others, due to his own sincerity and kindness, he is easily led astray and can be manipulated by those whom do not have the purist of intention, coupled by his vast curiosity and risk taking nature, especially in terms of the sea, or in terms of getting a cool selfie with a pokemon he hasn't seen before, well this can put him in some dangerous situations. With such an easily manipulated mind, this reveals Jaspers incredibly trusting nature, he is open to trusting anyone he meets to a certain extant. He does understand when to stop, he knows the difference between right and wrong, though these lines can be blurred through some sweet talking.

Willing to do dangerous things for a good picture, Jasper is slightly too ambitious when it comes to fully documenting his own adventure, unlike the majority of the pokemon trainers in the world, Jasper wishes to complete a photographic album with him standing alongside every single pokemon in the entire world. Such an ambitious and somewhat impossible plan right? Being a dreamer Jasper tends to look on the brighter side of life and rarely focuses on doubt. Not being the most observant person in his every day life, he misses things normal people would see, like dangerous things when his mind is focused on other things.

For someone so kind, one would expect a high level of honesty, expectations can sometimes be too high. To get something he really wants, such as a photograph of a pokemon that he hasn't got before, Jasper is willing to lie his little heart out to document an experience. When people deny him the right to take a picture of their pokemon, Jasper's becomes rather hurt by this, thus his kind persona becomes somewhat dented, he will cry, lie about being sick or severely ill, or lie about family members and so forth just to get a picture.

In terms of his friends, his family and of course his loyal pokemon, Jasper finds himself full of love and loyalty towards those whom have a special place in his mind and heart. It is impossible to manipulate the young man against his close friends and his pokemon, his loyalty to them knows no bounds.

Pokemon or human, Jasper has no trouble in talking to them, which many people can get annoyed at, he is kind of a chatter box, alas this is something he can not control. He just loves meeting new people, to the point were they can truly make out the annoyance of his personality, even his own pokemon get annoyed at him.

Jasper has a slight fear of snake pokemon, having been struck by a poisonous snake poke in his younger days, the fear of being in that much pain again caused by such creatures terrifies him. His fear of them can be quelled due to his companionship with his pokemon, though this fear can lead to freezing up in battle or simply running away.


Battle Style:



Jasper was born to a loving father and mother, alas tragedy would strike upon the day of his birth that pulled his mother from his grasp, his mother would pass after child birth, leaving the two men to fend for themselves. During his life Jasper's father had been an avid pokemon trainer, rather strong yet not famous enough to be well known, he had participated in many a league. Though he never won one of them, he still adored the memeories created with his pokemon. Jasper's father was a mixed element trainer, though Jasper already at the age of two had a favourite. The Crawdawnt known as Shell. The two became rather inseparable and it was easy to see why. Jasper always held a love for the sea even at a young age, thus his father would make sure they took constant trips to the sea side. IT was here that Jasper at five years old found his calling, he would become a water pokemon trainer.

So his training began, Jasper and Shell would begin to put each other through the paces, well in honestly Shell was super strong, she was of course a league competing pokemon so it was just Jasper getting his little booty handed to him. He learned all he could about the sea, researching every single thing about the mythological and legendary pokemon attaining to the water element. Studying endlessly while building his own tolerance to the element. He could be found at the pool as often as possible, putting himself through rigorous water based activities. School was somewhat secondary in his life, though his grades would remain at a healthy medium, the sole reason being his father threatened to stop paying for his swimming membership and take away the monthly trips to the beach. So he kind of had no choice but to preserver with his school work.

At the age of eleven, he graduated from school, now generally it is around this time that young trainers can be sent of in to the great unknown, legally this was ok, but Jasper did not want to leave yet or more so he could not. They pretty much lived in the middle of no were, so getting a registered starter pokemon from one of the regions professors was unlikely to happen until they were able to head out, alas during this time his father became rather ill, Jasper became his carer and his own dreams were put on hold. Though do not dismay or feel bad for the young one, Jasper loves his father and is proud that he chose family over his dreams, family is tangible, its here, its the reason that the young boy can breath, without his father he would not be able to dream thus no matter how long it took. Jasper would remain until his father was better.

This perhaps took longer than he anticipated, over the next five years Jasper took responsibility for his father, he cooked for him, cleaned and bathed the man. The pokemon helped and became Jaspers salvation, if it weren't for them he was certain he would have cracked over these five long years. Yet eventually his father started to get better, he was beginning to move properly again. Yet what had happened? Little did Jasper know that his father had been attacked by an evil organisation, they attempted to take his rare pokemon, the shiniy gliscore. Yet thankfully they did not manage this, instead severely wounding and afflicting his father with some form of poison or mental illness. Finally at the age of sixteen Jasper could seek out his dream. He was given Shell to accompany him.

Fate can be a right B.I.T.C.H sometimes, Jasper had spent two days of his journey in the forest, it was a rather long walk but this was the life of a trainer. Except during his second night he was attacked by a pokemon, this snake like pokemon had its form hidden in the darkness thus Jasper could not depict whether it was an Ekans, an Arbok or a Serviper either way the young man was injected with an almost lethal dose of poison, if Shell had not been with him, he would have died. The crab like pokemon took him home, his father had the doctors called and Jasper was on the mend, though now he had a somewhat fear snakes and what they could do. It was a year before he felt comfortable with heading out on his journey again. Yet the world was becoming a dangerous place with the dark team Nightshade causing havoc and the good guys struggling to maintain peace.

Jasper would find himself in the middle of one of the storms that raged through out the region, he helped those whom needed it, he protected those via the use of Shell and in doing so he realized he was inadvertently helping those of Team Lumyn, he had never really thought about it, but maybe he could do good in this world by helping them. Eventually he would think on this decision and speak to his father about it. His father liked the idea, Jasper knew he would do it. Thus at 18 years old he would set out a third time, this time though he would leave Shell behind, he needed her to watch over his father, and he had a feeling that, he needed to do this on his own. He was given money and a lift to Lumyn city, This is were his story will begin. Were we will see whether Jasper is a man of light, or a man of dark.

Defining Moments:

Other Information

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Re: Jasper Richards WIP

Post by Avaritia on Wed Jan 27, 2016 1:44 pm

I know that this is a WIP, but to quote the Faceclaim thread...

We will not accept any faceclaims of characters belonging to Pokemon cannon. This includes characters from the anime, cards, games, manga, or anything else. Even if you fill out the form, it's still a no.

On top of that, it looks as if it's a fan-made image. In that instance, you would need to get the permission from the artist  in order to use the image, since it isn't taken from an official source such as official game art or character art and some artists making fanart such as the image you used dislike others using their hard work without credit or permission. Just thought I'd give a head's up while this is still a WIP.


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