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Post by Alice Hope on Wed Nov 25, 2015 6:38 pm

Character: Alice Corin Hope

Event Participation Database:

Event Reward Database for Character:


Journey so Far:

Into the New World:


  • Awoke on Murcott Island beach, met Gael and found her bag/starting inventory.
  • Gael led Alice from the beach into the forest because of tropical storm, found a wild Venonat and defeated it. Grew to lvl 6 and gained 10 happiness.
  • Met a Ranger who took her to the Pokemon Centre. Changed clothes into nurse's uniform, handed Gael and wild Venonat over for recovery after showering in room. Met Laura in cafeteria.
  • Took Shellder and Goldeen back to Laura's room with Gael. Learned of her future sight ability, decided to go to Golden island after trip to Valencia. Gael receives nickname. Gael is taught TMs from a gift bag - Toxic, Ice Beam and Return.
  • After breakfast, wild Venonat thanks Alice for her aid by showing them to a clearing of Pineco. Pineco is battled and captured, named Farren. Venonat leads them to port where they catch a ferry towards Valencia.
  • Alice and Laura meet Pokefan Claire. Alice battles her Clefairy and Jigglypuff, wins $1400, plus Gael levels to level 8 and gains for 20 happiness. Farren earns 4 exp. After a training session for Farren and Gael, Farren grows to lvl 10 and learns bug bite and perfects toxic. Gael learns mud bomb, levels to 13 and earns 60 happiness.



  • Arrived on Valencia Island, invited into Professor Ivy's lab by an aide while she is out working. Alice receives an orange Pokegear from the aide and plays with a baby Snorunt and Chinchou. She discusses the legends of time and space distorting Pokemon with Professor Ivy, receives an orange Pokedex and Laura gives her an egg. Receives event items from Ivy before leaving.
  • Laura reveals that the ship to Golden Island has been delayed. Alice befriends and captures a young Stunky and names it Sakina. They go to the Valencia market where Alice purchases seals, two TMs and various supplies such as clothes for the journey ahead. Alice and Laura hurry to catch the next ship to Golden Island, on which Alice trains her increased team. There is mysterious extra weight on board, but the sailors cannot find an explanation for it.
  • All three Pokemon gain 18 exp from training. All three Pokemon level to lvl 18 and gain happiness: 10 for Gael and Farren, 30 for Sakina. Their rolled hidden powers are: Sakina (bug), Farren (fighting) and Gael (dragon).



  • Arrived on Golden Island, the two trainers searching for somewhere to rest after a brief walk through the forest. After a short sit on the beach, they notice the guard towers are unmanned. Sakina leads them towards a giant plume of smoke and Gael and Shellder team up to combat a furious chalet fire. The only item unscathed is a suitcase that the Pokemon help to break open, with mysterious keywords and maps inside: Petrovich, Silph, Titus, Oak, Golden and H.G. Laura manages to find a translation.
  • They decide to take the briefcase to the village, where only some of the elders remain. They explain that most people are at the celebration for the elder's Meowth at the stadium, and the briefcase likely belongs to Kanto visitors also there. The girls are given Meowth ears to respectfully wear before going to meet the visitors. They explain that H.G stands for the mysterious Heinrich Glassner, supposedly linked to various gangs and conspiracies.
  • H.G arrives at the stadium with two Rocket grunts, demanding the contents of the briefcase. His Haxorus attacks a civillian. Alice commands Gael to melt the briefcase's contents using toxic. H.G withdraws via helicopter, Alice battles the grunts' Arboks using Gael and Sakina. Sakina defeats the first Arbok and the second is withdrawn. The grunts use a smoke bomb and escape. Both Pokemon rise to lvl 19, gaining 20 exp each.

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