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Hype! Empty Hype!

Post by MegaAbsol on Wed Nov 04, 2015 8:32 am

Most students have experienced intense paranoia or hate, some more subtle than others, towards their exams, some time or the other, right? Right?
Ah well, let's not dwell on the past. So much to say, limited by the finger's capacity to move (Well, okay, and also the inability to put in coherent words...). So let's just say, Yay!~

Hi, all those who do not know me and those who I do not know. I see there are already quite a number of members; gdi exams! Well, the hectic schedule has only begun, but nothing short of an apocalypse will keep me apart from this! >^< Nya!
I'm MegaAbsol, formerly Flamelunar, and entirely crazy, I warn you. I was a previous member of Pokemon World RPG-- do I really need to say this? Some people know me already, and others will (hopefully) come to know me anyway, so o3o
Bleh. I never was good at communication. What, inappropriate way to conclude an introduction post? Fluff!

Take some fluff, all of you!~ :3

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