Anala Chara [Ready(Hopefully)]

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Anala Chara [Ready(Hopefully)]

Post by Ninefire on Thu Oct 22, 2015 5:18 pm

Core Information

Name:Anala Chara
Nickname/Alias: Ana, Ala
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Birthplace:Lumious City, Kalos region
Trainer Classification: Trainer
Character Tracker:

Physical Attributes

Height: 154cm
Weight: 50kg
Defining Traits: Bright red hair( It's not shown in the image, but the character actually has red hair ), small scar under her left eye, Burn mark along her right forearm.


Personality: Anala is arrogant, stubborn and hardheaded. She ignores all warning signs and continues straight ahead, not matter what. She'll push through any situation and probably come out alive. She stands her ground and doesn't like to move for anyone. Thanks to this, she also ends up rattling quite a few people before a battle. She's dense and doesn't realize things until someone tells her. She hates to lose and can be pretty sour about it.
She treats this as an outer facade. Inside, she's very cautious of her actions. She likes people to think she rushes ahead so she can give them the wrong idea and beat them in a pokemon battle. She's a sore loser, inside and out. She's also rather kind inside compared to her facade. She'll listen to what people say and do, thinking before making a choice of words. If you can get past her facade, you'll see a lot more of this 'inner self'.
Strengths: Strong-willed. Kind. trusting. Confident.
Weaknesses: Stubborn. Hard-headed. Bad loser. Arrogant. Lair. Has an Ego problem.
Battle Style: New combinations are my friends. Use tricks your opponent wont see coming. If all else fails, trust your pokemon.


History: Anala grew up in Lumious City with her parents. She had always had a problem with her lungs, but brushed it off as a 'light cough'. This allowed her to go out and play with her friends.
One day, she got significantly worse. Her lungs felt like they were burning and she couldn't breathe. Her parents phoned the doctor and they discovered that the only way to stop the coughing was to move to a city with less pollution. They decided on Twinleaf Town in the Sinnoh region.
Not long after, they moved. Anala had to say goodbye to all her friends and had trouble doing it. She was lonely in Twinleaf and had to entertain herself by pulling pranks on the neighborhood kids. She enjoyed it, until their parents told her to stop and she got a scolding from her parents.
Eventually, she befriended a few of the kids, and they all began playing together. One day, one of the kids challenged her to a race and she won. Every day, the boy would challenge her and she would win. Eventually, the boy beat her and she cracked. She began snapping at him, telling him that he wasn't allowed to beat her.
After that, the kids stopped coming around to play and she was alone again. She was shunned by the other kids from then on out, until someone new moved in. This boy was rather like her - and the other kids had the same reaction. She went over to his house, and they had an argument. They began to get closer and closer, until the boy went on his pokemon journey. She never forgave him for leaving.
When it was time for her journey to begin, she ran away from home only taking survival needs. She ran to Unova, where none of the people from Twinleaf could find her.
She was walking down a sidewalk in a village in Unova, when she heard a scream. She ran towards it, only to find that a little girl was standing outside a burning house with her family. The girl told her that her lillipup was still inside, so Anala ran into the fire. It was hot and she couldn't breathe, but she wasn't leaving until she found the pokemon. She heard the lillipup yapping, so she ran towards it. She found it and picked it up, taking it to outside the house. Just after she handed it to the little girl, she passed out.
She woke up later, only to find a bandage on her right arm and a band-aid under her left eye. She asked what had happened, and the doctor explained that she had a large burn on her right forearm and that it would never heal completely. She accepted this and continued on her journey the next day.
She's been on this pokemonless journey for over four years. Plans to get a pokemon.

Defining Moments

When she rescued the pokemon from the burning house.
Running away from home.
Moving to Twinleaf.


Other Information

Face claim is Kyoko from Time Stranger Kyoko.
She doesn't talk to her family members.


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Re: Anala Chara [Ready(Hopefully)]

Post by Alice Hope on Thu Oct 22, 2015 8:50 pm

The fact that you failed to spell the city name right really doesn't inspire confidence right off the bat. Make sure to check these things. Why did the pollution cause so many issues for her health, and how did it recover so quickly without intervention just by moving to another town? How did a twelve year old with no income/resources/Pokemon make it all of the way to Unova, and survive traveling around for four years unnoticed? What made her go into the house to save the Lillipup? What did her parents do? What was life like before she left her home city?

Please elaborate upon her personality as well. It still feels incredibly, incredibly basic. There's no depth, no three dimensions. Your character should be well rounded, just like a real person.
Alice Hope
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