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Hello All 72 Others on this site Empty Hello All 72 Others on this site

Post by KarocueTheOneAndOnly on Thu Jan 03, 2019 8:27 pm

Hello Call me Karocue
I'm a 28 Year old who has Played pokemon for 21 years,
I have been Roleplaying Forum Based Roleplay for 15 years.
I'm a full-fledged nerd and hopefully, this will become my new home.
well, the thing is idk if this is big enough unless everyone on here Posts daily I am a daily poster
and sure do wish to become a huge supporter to this site will even help promote the site if the site looks that good.
idk well, I just wanted to say I'm glad to meet all of you and any and all.
I have Grammarly for my spelling errors and minor other stuff I do wrong with posts.
i Check my spelling and can do a min. of 200 to 300-word post that isn't the problem.

Well Here is to you all

Signed Karocue The One And Only


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