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Post by Razmor on Mon Dec 19, 2016 9:19 pm

It was a normal day in Jublife. The sun was shining high over the city, casting a warm glow over the people and Pokemon that went about their day. A cool breeze swept through the lower parts of town and seemed to weave its way through the buildings, giving a breath of life to the city of happiness. Dozens of people walked the streets with their Pokemon companions on their way to where ever they needed to go.

Among these people was Felix Marth. He was walking down the street with his partner, Luxio. Recently evolved, the electric type was eager to see the world from her new eyes. Felix on the other hand was eager to get back to his home. His muse was with him early that morning and he had been writing up a storm since the moment he woke up to the moment he received his mail. He had been furiously writing about how Pawniard was making friends with a Golurk when Luxio brought him a letter. He looked down and knew exactly what it was. It was his monthly paycheck for all his book sales. Normally he would put it to the side and continue his writing but this check was sort of important. It was a larger sum than usual because Felix’s books had been flying off the shelves lately. All paychecks that were more than the usual amount became rainy day funds for Felix and he had decided to make a habit of putting all his rainy day funds in the bank once he had them. If he didn’t deposit this one then he’d forget and his entire system would be ruined.

So he continued down the street. He was walking quickly as he rounded the corner and saw the building come into view. It was the Jublife City Bank. A large building, designed like a Pokemon Center only 3 times the size. The doomed roof and circular shape gave off a strange elegance to the building. It stood roughly 60 feet tall and had a circumference of 50 feet. Several windows lined the outside of the building and a large pair of glass sliding doors acted as an entrance. The large symbol sat on top of the building on a rotating platform, showing the bank’s location for a mile around.

Felix was a regular customer at the bank and therefore knew the rules. He walked up to the entrance and turned to Luxio. “Alright girl. There are no Pokemon allowed in the bank so I’m going to need you to wait out here.” Luxio frowned and put her legs on Felix’s knees in protest. He knelt down and smiled, grabbing her paws in reassurance. “Hey, it’s going to be okay. I’ll be in and out. 5 minutes, tops.” Luxio continued to stare at him for a few seconds before nodding and letting him go in. He stood up and entered the bank, the large glass doors sliding open and closing behind him. He walked into the bank with his letter in hand as he inspected the inside of the building. It was very formal, with a tile floor and marble walls. Several staircases led up to the office rooms on the higher floors while a pair of elevators sat in the back corner. A large desk with several different clerk stations lined the far wall of the ground floor. The ground floor was filled with 15 people, not including the bank employees. 3 people were at the clerk stations, 8 were filling out paperwork in their own little spaces, and the final 4 were standing in a group near the elevator. Felix’s mind shifted into autopilot as he walked into the room and up to one of the clerk stations. He coughed as he waited in line behind an elderly lady who was withdrawing some funds for whatever reason. The only problem was that she was taking forever. It was as if neither the clerk nor the elderly lady could understand each other. It caused Felix to look around in boredom as he waited. However, something caught his eye.

The 4 people near the elevator had moved. They were now shuffling around the main lobby, with two of them sticking near the main door. It seemed odd because they were all acting like they were nervous and they kept looking around in every direction. It made Felix uncomfortable for some reason. They were dressed in dark clothes and wore caps, like a sort of uniform. Those were the only distinguishing pieces of attire. Suddenly, things took a turn for the worse. The two people near the door took out some kind of strange bolt and put it on the glass, locking it in place and keeping it from opening. The other two took out two Pokeballs each and tossed them out into the air. Out came a Golbat, a Muk, an Arbok, and a Houndour. Everything ran in slow motion as Felix slowly realized what was happening. “Everybody get on the ground! This is a robbery!” One of the thugs shouted. Everyone panicked and dropped to the floor as the Pokemon dispersed throughout the bank, securing it and making sure that there was no one to stop them. The other thugs made their way to key parts of the lobby as they began to gather up the hostages. “Everyone in the center! Hand over your Pokeballs, and no one try to be a hero!” Felix moved with the rest of the hostages and sat down in the center of the room with all the other people. He was beginning to panic as the situation set in.

Outside, Luxio sensed something was wrong when Felix didn’t come back out after the 5 minutes. She looked in the windows and saw everything going on. Her instincts told her to break in and save her friend, but she paused for a moment. She realized that she couldn’t handle 4 Pokemon by herself. She needed help. She turned and took off into the city, looking for anyone who could help her. She bounded through the city, mewing loudly as she looked for anyone recognizable. Then, she suddenly caught a scent. It was a familiar scent, and she knew exactly what it meant. Her nose dropped to the ground as she tracked the scent across the city. She made it to the Pokemon Center where she walked through the door and saw them. It was Eve and Abyss, the trainer Luxio had met when she was still a Shinx. She didn’t want to ask Eve for help, she still didn’t like her, but she was the only person who would possibly be able to help her. She ran inside, jumping around and meowing loudly to get the duo’s attention. She had to communicate that Felix was in trouble, and the only possible way she could devise was to lead Eve to the bank and show her.

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Post by MegaAbsol on Tue Dec 20, 2016 10:42 am

"Thank you!" Eve was in a good mood today. It was a wonderful day, and something in the beat of the earth just made her groove to its everpresent rhythm. Scooping up the keys to her newly booked room, she cast a cheery glance at Abyss - who was the shadow to her light. The Absol had been sullen all day, looking around sulkily, and Eve had given up trying to talk him out of it. It was just one of those days where he sensed something bad. His instinct was usually - understandably - correct, but Eve as only mildly worried. What was the worst that could happen?

She'd jinxed herself; the back of her mind niggled incessantly as a Luxio ran up to her, mewling loudly. She stared in surprise; who's Pokemon was this? Why was it coming up to her? Why was it so frantic? A quick look over its face confirmed the fact that it was a female - the distinctive fur patterns were- this was no time to think over it. She crouched to match the strange feline's eye level. "Hey there. Can I help yo-"

Abyss. The Absol was familiarly uncomfortable, but as the Luxio paced about worriedly, the Disaster pokemon took the initiative and engaged the harangued Electric type in conversation. Eve mumbled her frustration at not understanding the quick exchanges before Abyss rushed on her in a whirlwind of black and white fur.

"W-Woah! Wait!" Abyss had grabbed her by the hand; she winced - it was the same hand he'd bitten a while back, but he held it gently this time, curling his lips over his teeth. "What? Wait!" As the teenager began getting pulled by the fairly strong Dark type, she cast puzzled glances at the Luxio. She seemed so...familiar. Who was she? Well, no matter. There went her plan of acquainting herself with her new Snivy. The serpent she'd caught a fair while back was in hypersleep inside her pokeball, so she wouldn't have any idea of the passage of time, but Eve would have to change the setting back sooner or later. That aside, where was Abyss pulling her?

(I actually thought this would be a good place to break this off, but since you've inserted details...)

People were beginning to get curious, and Eve was getting uncomfortable. The duo - both quadrupeds - were making quite a ruckus, and although Abyss released her hand at a sharp command and glided silently over the stones of the road he led her down, the incessant pattering of paws about her bothered her. What was so important? She was relatively sure Abyss wouldn't drag her off with such urgency over something trivial - her companion was trustworthy after all. The two were leading her across the town at a steady lope, and Eve kept up a smart pace to keep up.

"..." Finally coming to a stop, Eve watched as Abyss skidded to a halt a couple of feet ahead. The Luxio had regained its frantic demeanour, and Eve could only watch in confusion as fear began setting in in both feline and human's mind. Why had this strange pokemon brought her to a bank? What was she to do now? The surroundings were strangely empty, with none of the usual bustle of the city, and the occasional person who did pass was with a hurried pace and furtive glance. Something was wrong.

The bank...Eve started towards it regularly enough, but upon hearing an odd rustling sound - scales against marble, she thought grimly - she dropped into a low crouch and crept towards the window. No matter what any thought of her odd behaviour, Abyss seemed to approve, and anyways, Pokemon weren't allowed in the bank.

A curious scene met her sight. She wasn't particularly familiar with hostage situations, but she could identify one on sight. This was most irregular. Her stormy eyes flashed back and forth; her limbs stiffened as her gaze fell upon a familiar face. Felix. So then...she glanced back at Luxio. Oh. Nice.

Her gaze diverted back to the interior. A quick headcount made for 3 pokemon and 2 men. Alright, not bad. Of course, the naive girl had only considered the ones within her visual range, but a shred of common sense made her hold back. Even if she broke in and had Abyss and Luxio handle the pokemon, she wasn't guaranteed the possibly terrified hostage's cooperation in a staged rebellion, and she couldn't take on two grown men by herself. She dropped to her haunches, then knees, thinking hard.

"Abyss. Abyss, come here, boy." The Absol padded closer obligingly, as Eve stared at him with furrowed brows. Would he be able to fetch the police by himself? He'd undoubtedly be faster than her, and she still had Snivy if things went South and she had to interrupt if they threatened anyone. Thanking Arceus that she always carried little knick-knacks in her pockets, she produced a pencil, and cursed bitterly under her breath when she realized there was no paper. Bah, she had to improvise. Her hand crept to her head, and with a quick tug, her lengthy hair was released from its restraint as her fingers clutched at her headband. Scribbling down a quick message on the ribbon, she fastened it around the Absol's furry neck, tying it down with a firm knot and hoping it didn't disappear in the thick fur ruff. She kept it loose as a safety measure - if it flew off, Abyss would pick it up. "Go. You know where Officer Jenny is, right? Go get her." Emphasizing on the name would help create a firmer goal in the Absol's mind, not that he probably needed it. The Disaster Pokemon was off in a flash of black and white, and Eve was left looking at the Luxio looking at her, feeling strangely empty. Well, she'c contemplate the pros and cons of centering one's existence around a second individual later. The current situation demanded her attention. She crouched again, watching the interior from a corner of the window - the more information she could collect, the better. Even better if she could somehow communicate with the hostages inside. If only...she suppressed a frustrated finger tap on the glass, continuing to only watch. Her back was completely unguarded if someone should approach from behind, but Luxio would guard her, would she not?

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