Second Day of Training [Training]

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Second Day of Training [Training]

Post by Razmor on Fri Dec 09, 2016 7:04 am

After a day of rest, the duo of Felix and Shinx were recharged and ready for action. As they awoke in Felix’s room, the sound of thunder was very present. It shook the room as lightning struck in rapid succession over a short period of time. It caused Felix to wake with a start, but Shinx seemed to snuggle into her bed even more, the sound of the thunder calming her down while the rain tapping the window was almost like a soothing lullaby.

“Shinx, wake up.” Felix mumbled, not quite awake himself. “We’ve got training to do. And the rain won’t stop us.” Shinx awoke with a slow start, a yawn, and a stretch. Her fur ruffled a little before she finally stood up from her little bed and walk over to Felix’s side. Felix’s gaze shifted from his friend to the window, watching the rain drops pummel the glass and the yard outside. The sudden flash of lightning and crash of thunder shook his thoughts to what he should wear. He looked at his raincoat and then looked at Shinx. She didn’t have any clothes to protect her from the cold rain, so why should he? They were equals in this weren’t they? Felix threw on his usual attire of dress pants and his button-up shirt. A tie with a lightning bolt seemed fitting this time as he slipped it over his head and around his neck. He also put on his newsboy cap and made his way out the door.

The duo ran headfirst into the rainstorm, ignoring the rush of cold air and the dampness of the air. They made their way down the road and to the local park, all the while being pelted with raindrops and light winds. Shinx was a trooper as she kept pace with Felix, though her size was a hindrance to her performance compared to her trainer. But she was as determined as he was to get stronger. She focused on the lightning streaking across the sky. Soon, that’d be a demonstration of her power.

They made it to the park and Felix surveyed the scene in front of them. It was a wide open field, where trainers could come and battle or hang out with others if they so wished. It was perfect for what they had to do. Felix and Shinx walked over to an empty battlefield and took their positions. At this point, both of them were shivering from the cold. They were determined though, and neither of them gave a sign of quitting. “Shinx, let’s start the training!” He called out and Shinx stamped her foot in a puddle, her battle mew sounding over the thunder. “Let’s see how your Fire Fang works in this weather. Light it up!” Shinx nodded and obeyed, her mouth slightly opened to try and ignite the move in her mouth. She managed to achieve the flame, but it was very weak from the rain. Felix managed a disappointed frown. “We need a stronger attack if we’re going to thrive in the rain! Now come on! Fire Fang!” Shinx nodded and frowned as she tried to re-ignite her fangs, the rain continuing to pour on her. Once again she managed to ignite her mouth, but the flames weren’t in much better shape. Felix was getting a little frustrated but he kept his feelings to himself. He knew Shinx was trying and that the weather was against them, but they needed to learn to be effective in storms. If not, then their only option in rain would be electric type moves. “Okay Shinx! Back to back Fire Fang! Show me your strength!” Shinx growled loudly and began the process of strengthening her, at the moment, main attack. She repeated the process of igniting her fangs, putting out the flames, and then re-igniting them to try and get stronger and stronger fire. Felix stood there, his arms crossed as he watched his friend work. He knew she had the strength to master this, but she needed practice. She needed to prove it.

After several minutes of repeating the move, Felix and Shinx were finally about to give up. Her flames had gotten slightly more powerful with each attempt, but it wasn’t quite the same as when she was dry. Felix decided to give it one last try. “Shinx! I know you’re tired, but I need one last try from you. Show me what you’ve got! Full Power, Fire Fang!” Shinx let loose a loud, almost roar, and ignited her fangs with little trouble. Felix watched as her fire started small, but steadily increased in intensity. Felix’s frown disappeared as the fire kept getting bigger and angrier, the fuel of Shinx’s raw emotion helping the fire to grow. Then, with one final foot stamp, the fire reached its peak power and Shinx stood there in triumph, her flames causing any raindrops that came near her to evaporate in a hiss of steam. Felix broke into a smile and threw his hands in the air. “You did it! Way to go Shinx!” Shinx closed her mouth, extinguishing the flames and stood there with a proud look on her face. She was shaking a little as she stood there. Whether that was from the rain or exhaustion, was up to Shinx. But Felix knew they had more work to do. “Alright Shinx; we’re now going to work on your electric types moves. I want you to try Charge.” Shinx looked at Felix with confusion. She had never attempted Charge before and didn’t know what she was supposed to do. Felix picked up on this confusion and knelt down in front of his friend. “Alright, let’s try this.” He pointed to Shinx’s leg muscles. “You can create electrical energy using your legs, right?” Shinx responded by creating several sparks from her legs. Felix nodded. “Right, right. Exactly like that. Now,” He looked Shinx in the eye. “I need you to hold onto that energy.”

Shinx once again cocked her head to the side in confusion. She knew how to generate energy, but storing it? That was a little tricky. Nevertheless, she took a step back and began to charge her energy. Of course the sparks began to shoot out from her legs and body as she continued to generate the electricity, unsure where she was supposed to store it. Felix watched with a sense of slight helplessness. He wasn’t sure how to help or guide her to achieve the move. Shinx continued to push herself as she summoned more and more electricity. She looked deep into her subconscious for the knowledge to pull off this move. Where was she supposed to store the energy she was creating? She concentrated on containing the electricity, looking for some kind of muscle reaction or some hidden well where she could contain the energy.

Suddenly, Felix got an idea. He wasn’t going to like it, but it was an idea none the less. He walked towards Shinx and knelt down in front of her. She reacted by stopping the charging process, which ceased the shower of electricity. “Shinx, I want to try something. Now, I want you to trust me on this.” Shinx mewed lightly but nodded anyways. Then, Felix picked up Shinx and held her in his arms. The small feline was cold and soaked to the bone, but at the same time so was Felix. “Now,” Felix took a deep breath and braced himself. “Use Charge.” Shinx was shocked by the order and pawed at his face in question. But Felix stood firm. “Shinx, use Charge.” He repeated. Shinx was quiet for a few seconds, the situation becoming clear to her. Either she learned how to hold in her power, or she would be hurting Felix. It was a trial by fire. “Shi…” Shinx mewed and Felix got a little frustrated by her hesitation. “Shinx, use Charge! Now!” He raised his voice and Shinx knew he was serious. She began to summon up her electricity and it hit Felix like a bolt of lightning. He remained strong as the electrical currents shot into his arms and chest. They were weak enough not to hurt Felix, but that didn’t mean he didn’t feel the full effects of Shinx’s power. He needed to show her he was strong so that she would keep going and learn the move. Meanwhile, Shinx was panicking as she tried to hold in the power she was creating. She knew she was hurting Felix; his muscles were contracting in his arms and chest and even causing his legs to shake occasionally. She concentrated on containing her power. She put out the rest of the world: the cold rain, the chilling wind, and the thought that Felix was in danger. The quicker she solved this problem, the quicker Felix would be safe. She searched herself for a place to put that energy.

Suddenly, Felix stopped shaking. His muscles calmed down and returned to their normal functions. His breathing was rough from the punishment he had just endured, but he knew it meant one of two things: either Shinx had stopped generating energy, or she was charging her power. He looked down at his companion and saw her usually vibrant eyes were closed in concentration, but he saw something else. Crawling across her fur were little streaks of electricity, traveling from her paws up her legs and into her chest. Her eyes slowly opened and she looked up at Felix. Seeing that he wasn’t being hurt made her realize what she was doing and she smiled brightly. “Shinx!” She cried as she nuzzled her face up against Felix’s chest. Felix smiled and held her closer. “Good job, girl. Very good.”

He let her jump down to her feet and watched her. She moved with a new feeling of rejuvenation. It was as if she had just rested after all her work. Seeing her move, if made Felix want to take it a step further. “Alright, last thing for today!” He called out over the wind. Shinx snapped to attention and focused on Felix. “You’re going to channel all that new energy into an attack. It’s called Spark.” Shinx nodded and turned to face away from Felix, her face aiming at the other end of the battlefield. “Shinx, focus all your energy! Now, use Spark!” Shinx reacted by shutting her eyes as the electricity engulfed her body, causing her to be like a living lightning bolt. She now glowed a bright blue as the electricity moved around her, jumping from one spot to another. She then charged forward, faster than a tackle attack but roughly the same motion. However, her aim was way off. She leapt forward but somehow managed to veer to the left, crashing to the ground as if she had just tripped and fallen on her face. The electricity around her disappeared as he got to her feet, shaking herself clean of all the mud that had gotten on her precious fur. She looked back at Felix and meowed loudly. “Shinx!” He returned the look and ran his hand through his drenched hair. He looked up at the sky, the thunder and lightning creating a beautiful display.

Then he looked back at Shinx. “Alright, here’s the deal; you show me a successful Spark and we can go home. Deal?” Shinx quickly jumped to her feet and ran back over to Felix. She nuzzled up against his legs as if showing her thanks before returning to her place on the battlefield. “Now, aim forward and don’t crash. Imagine there’s a pokemon standing in front of you. Now, attack!” He pointed at the invisible opponent. “Use Spark!” Shinx growled loudly and summoned up that electrical coat, causing the area around her to glow blue as she was engulfed by the lightning. Then she dashed forward. However, her aim was still off. She landed, softer this time, a little to the right of the ‘target.’ She seemed to realize this immediately as she turned around and ran back to her starting place. “Charge!” “Spark!” The process repeated several times, each time Shinx was getting closer to the target area and landing more gracefully. Her speed was improving and so was her maneuverability in the wet terrain. She was using her claws to get a good grip as she moved. It was like Felix was friends with living lightning.

Finally, on the 10th or 11th try, they pulled it off. Shinx sparked up quickly and dashed forward with good speed, landing with a powerful strike right in the sweet spot. If a Pokemon had been standing there, it would have taken all the force that was behind those paws. Felix finally let a smile melt through his frown as Shinx smiled at him and ran over to his side. “You did great! Now let’s head home.” The duo ran out of the park and made their way home. The lightning had stopped but there was still thunder in the distance. The storm had moved on, but Felix and Shinx had managed to tame a piece of it. They were getting closer to their goal of getting stronger. Perhaps one more push would get them there? Or maybe they had done enough and were ready for more challenges? Maybe tomorrow…

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Re: Second Day of Training [Training]

Post by MegaAbsol on Mon Dec 12, 2016 7:20 am

Okaaay! :3 very, very nice! Total training (with the two threads combined)

2556 words.

256 exp gained! (rounded off) (Darn. Not bad.) (Please note, the Happiness Gain is actually 250, but the cap is 150 ;3)

Shinx gained 256 exp!
Shinx gained 150 Happiness!
Shinx grew to level 23 with 19 exp remaining!
Shinx learnt the following:

Baby-Doll Eyes
Thunder Fang

Your Shinx is evolving!

The spent Electric pokemon would feel a surge in her strength. It was a funny feeling; a tingle unlike any electric power would tingle up her spine, lighting up her senses, feeling new and invigorating, familiar and yet so empowering. Her body would glow, bathed in a bright white light. The strength would only build and build, making her fur stand on end - well, more than as opposed to normal - as her form shifted and changed. Streaks of dark fur appeared on her being as her body grew sleeker, lithe and lovely. Her body grew larger in size, and Shinx - Luxio now, would feel her capacity for energy expanding. Powerful arcs of electricity ran up and down her new form - energy that could be harnessed from anywhere on her new body - from her sharp claws to her tail to her fangs. The glow subsided, evolution having finished its job, Luxio's new form was revealed. A landmark in Felix and Luxio's pursuit for strength. The little lynx had evolved!


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