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Marco Redfox

Post by Rain on Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:29 am

Core Information

Name: Marco Redfox
Nickname/Alias: N/A
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Orre Region| Pyrite Town
Trainer Classification: Trainer
Character Tracker:

Physical Attributes

Height: 6'0
Weight: 160 Lbs.
Defining Traits: Black Ponytail, Eyepatch


Marco has like to battle Pokémon as long as he could remember, in his opinion having Pokémon battles are the perfect way for two people to understand each other. This young man wants to see other regions besides Orre, and challenge the gyms there. One of his goals in life is to challenge every single gym in the world, so he can become one of the best trainers in the world. This eyepatch wearing young man treats his Pokémon like Partners and thinks that their opinions matter, and without his Pokémon feeling their best they will not be in tip top shape for Pokémon battles. He is a fan of having a lot of fun. Marco grew up in Pyrite Town so he's used to the heat, and isn't very effected by it as a result. Marco likes to smoke, it doesn't matter if it's cigarettes or Cigars.

Marco hates people who mistreat pokémon and will personally show said people his fist, if they do mistreat pokémon when he is around. This eyepatch wearing man is a type of person who likes to dress like a dapper gentleman, because might as well look cool while travelling the world. Marco is the type of person to care about his own well being as long as his Pokémon, and human friends are fine. Marco lost his eye while protecting a Pokémon, and he would do it again, if he has to. This suit wearing man wants to travel, since he's never been out of the Orre Region in his 20 Years of life. Marco really wants to see the impressive sites of the other regions with his one eye. Marco has trouble with the opposite sex, he gets real shy when a beautiful woman around his ages flirts with him. Though he is fine with Women, as long as they are not flirting with him.

* Dresses Fancy
* Not Bothered By the heat
* Respects his Pokémon as Partners
* Shy when the Opposite Sex Flirts with him
* Reckless
* He's a Smoker
Battle Style: Marco is a mainly Offensive Trainer using hard hitting moves, and does so hard and fast.


Marco was born 20 years ago, in the Orre Region in Pyrite Town. This young man was son of the sheriff, so he grew up in his fathers shadow. During his childhood he was a troublemaker, he hated his Father. Plus his father pretty much ignored him most of the time, and it happened even more after his little sister was born. Marcos Little Sister was always the favorite. When Marco first turned 10 he decided he would leave Pyrite Town, and Start on his own Pokémon journey. Marco then late at night and stole his fathers moped, he left immediately not even looking behind him. Unfortunately after a few hours the moped broke down, and left him stranded. Marco had to walk until he found any defining landmarks, and luckily after the rest of the night and a few hours in the early morning, he finally saw The Entrance to Phenac Town. After he entered the town, he decided to rest at the Pokémon Center for the rest of that day. The Next day he woke up he decided he wasn't ready just yet for his Pokémon Journey, so he decided to try to find work so he could gain enough money. The money would be for pokeballs, so he could catch a pokémon.

Marco then was lucky enough to sneak on a truck, the truck was on it's way to Gateon Port. The young man had a little trouble sneaking off, but he managed to do it. Marco then met a kind old man who owned the Mechanical Parts shop in Gateon Port, after explaining his plight, he was allowed to work at the parts stores. There was a catch though Marco would have to at least work at the store until he was fourteen Marco agreed, because anything would be better than returning home to Pyrite Town. Four years had passed, and Marco was now an able body teenager. Then he left his job to try to catch his first Pokémon, but unfortunately it wouldn't turn out well.

When going out of town to catch his first Pokémon something horrible happened he found a bunch of Criminals who had Pokémon in cages, and something in Marco Snapped. The young man decided to fight the criminals with his bare hands while he was successful, he lost one of his eyes in the fight. The young man decided to release all the Pokémon he released them, they all scurried away into the wild. Well all Pokémon except one, and after trying to shoo the Pokémon away it kept following him for several days. This pokémon is different from the other pokémon, and it was impressed that the human would sacrifice his eye for it and the other pokémon. While the other pokémon were skittish around humans and ran off, this pokémon wanted to follow Marco around. One day he accidently dropped a pokeball, the pokémon that had been following him then tapping the pokeball the pokémon caught itself. Marco didn't want to catch that pokémon due to it being mistreated by other humans, but after a few more days he and the pokémon became quite attached to each other. After that Marco decided to travel with his Pokémon partner around the Orre Region, so he could understand Pokémon better, before he starts to challenge the pokémon league. Marco just recently now at the age of twenty, he thinks he's ready to challenge the Pokémon League.

Defining Moments:
*Running away from home at the age of 10
*Gets a Job at Gateon Port at the Mechancial Parts Shop for Four Years
*Marco loses his eye
*Marco then travels the rest of the Orre Reigon until Current Day

Other Information


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Re: Marco Redfox

Post by MegaAbsol on Mon Nov 14, 2016 1:57 am

While this looks fine, a little more detail is necessary in your history. What reason would the pokemon have to follow and trust Marco besides the fact that he released it? Or, in other words, why did it behave differently from the other pokemon (who all ran off)?
Secondly, what happened in the six years spent with the pokemon? How did he live? Where? How did the introduction of the pokemon in his life change him and his schedule? So on, more detail required since 6 years is a pretty long time.

Lastly, I still see one more grammatical error. 'Looses' should be 'loses' no i'm not paranoid over grammar go away


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