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Post by Felix Leonis on Mon Oct 03, 2016 10:21 am

Pewter City Park

He had brought the growlithe to the Pokemon center in Pewter city after leaving the forest and splitting up with the girl. The grow lithe was asked to stay for a while given the severity of the poor pokémon’s wounds and its rather strange apathy it displayed, but in the meantime Felix had to find some other stuff to do and the first thing that came to mind was obviously training his Furfrou, as the gym of this place was a rock-type gym and Felix had not a single pokémon that had an advantage against this type.

Taking the Furfrou to the nearest part of the forest, Felix sat down and rubbed the pokémon’s head. “Time to do some work.”

They had to perfect the furfrou’s combination attacks, make the pokémon’s actions more fluid and for that reason, some training was absolutely in order. The furrow knew it as well, especially after that fight with eve’s absol, everything seemed so clear for once. Furfrou needed to get stronger, more experienced in battling and for that sake and for his master’s sake, the dog pokémon was willing to go to great lengths.

“Alright, first try a growl and echoed voice combination,” The order felix gave the pokémon was clear, there was no mistake in it that this was going to be some rough training for the furfrou. The pokémon barked, straightened itself and took a deep breath to start its combination training. It bared its teeth and let out a loud growl, enough to shock some nearby pokémon in fleeing or scurrying away, while quickly opening its maw to let out an extremely loud bark which fired off a pressurized field of air that wrecked the bark of the nearest trees. “Not bad, not bad… Now follow up with an echoed Voice and Headbutt combination.”

Determined to do as it was told, the furfrou settled itself again, took another deep breath and prepared itself for the next combination of attacks as ordered by its master. It started running towards the nearest tree, opening its maw and letting out another, perhaps even more volatile and more ferocious bark, which let out another of those pressurized fields of air, which completely wrecked the tree in front of it, showing the greater power of the echoed voice move when used in a consecutive fashion. However, it did not end there, as the furfrou braced its hind legs, tensed the muscles in its front legs and pushed itself to leap into the air towards the falling remainder of the tree destroyed by the echoed voice.

Roughly throwing its head against the falling tree, the furfrou basically splintered it with his headbutt, showing that he indeed had some grasp of the attack, but because he had not been able to use it that much in battle, his efficiency with the move still left some room for improvement.

When the Furfrou landed, it seemed its fur was slightly scuffed and it nod its head to show that it had actually hurt itself in the process as well, which was the perfect proof for the pokémon’s inexperience with the move. “Alright, we’ll have to get you more used with that move it seems.”

With that being said, the masked man first splashed some water from a bottle on the furrow’s head just to clean the fur a bit and check if the pokémon didn’t have to much scrapes or bruises atop its head, yet when closer inspection failed to show any significant wounds or scrapes, the pokémon was given a swift rub on its head, which it received with pleasure.

“Next up is a triple combo, using baby doll eyes, tail whip and headbutt in a single go,” The masked man remarked while taking off his hat for a moment to wave himself some cool air, which came in as a blessing during the hot day the two were spending together. “This’ll need some serious concentration, so whenever you’re ready, we’ll start this.”

the Furfrou barked and seemed to be pumping itself up for another round of trying the combos as asked and demanded by its master. faithful as it was, the pokemon braced itself, the muscles in its legs tensing up and the pokemon itself preparing for when the order was given. “go!!”

It’s eyes opened, a pinkish sheen coming off of them and giving the furfrou a somewhat cute look for just a moment, after which it bared its fangs, swiftly turned around to lash out with its tail, yet rather than stop and turn, the pokémon used the momentum to continue the original turn and lashed out with its head again, as if he were head butting the tree like before. The routine seemed good, but Felix, who was watching closely, simply gave a nod and motioned the furfrou to do it again.

So the dog pokémon did, baring its fangs yet again to impress an invisible opponent, fluttering its eyelids before opening the eyes widely and letting off another pinkish sheen of light. Again the pokemon turned around, yet somewhat faster this time and with the tail lower to the ground to maximize the effect of the tail whip, after which it yet again used the momentum to make a full turn and this time by tensing the muscles in its front legs, the furfrou managed to lift itself up before letting its head crash down in what seemed to be a more destructive and effective use of the headbutt move.

“not bad, not bad…the echoed voice with headbutt again this time,” The furfrou barked loudly, feeling the excitement well up in its body. Usually it was a lazy pokémon, desiring nothing but a good grooming and food, but for his master, he’d become a strong pokémon, for his master he’d even beat that annoying absolute he had faced before. yes, for this man, he’d become the strongest possible pokémon he could ever be.

With another bark, the furfrou tensed its muscles, bared its fangs yet again and let out an immensely loud bark able to shatter the glass anywhere if they were closer to the city, but here the result was a bunch of trees being shredded and falling down

“Pretty good Furfrou,” The masked man was obviously pleased with the results of Furrow’s continuous effort, but as it was expected from a man like Felix, he wasn’t completely happy if the end result of the training would be a flawless and perfect combination of moves. He could still see that absolutely in front of him, that magnificent pokémon had nearly managed to beat furfrou and that wasn’t exactly according to his own plan. He needed a force that could not be stopped, a pokémon that would overwhelm any and all opposition and if this meant training furfrou until it dropped down of exhaustion, so be it. “let’s ramp this up, shall we?”

The pokémon let out a bark in response to its master’s request, ready to take the training even more serious than he had already done. Furfrou as well knew what Felix was thinking of. That Absol he had faced was immense and had nearly defeated him, something his master did not accept.

“Now go for sand attack, growl and echoed voice,” Felix urged the furfrou to stomp every damn combination into its mind, leaving no room for error or fault. Pokemon battles were not a game of chance but a duel to the finish, a clash of skills and planning. Only those who could make new strategies at any given moment were the true rulers of the ring, the true masters of pokémon and he would prove it with this training and with a furfrou that would beat the Pewter city gym all on its own if necessary. “No mistakes, keep at it furfrou. I want only flawless combinations.”

The furfrou barked and tested its muscles, getting ready to try out yet another combination of moves as its master had dictated for him. using its hind legs to whip up some of the dirt and sand he was standing on, the furfrou quickly turned around again to bear its teeth and let out a menacing growl, before opening its maw and releasing a terrifyingly loud bark which left a trail of destruction in its wake.

The more the pokemon used the echoed voice move, the more he got used to it and the better the results became, the furfrou understood that felix was truly trying to put every move like an automated idea into the pokémon’s brain. Hardwiring the pokémon to show only perfect moves and a perfect utilization of combinations and strategies during battle. With a rough bark, the furfrou made it clear that it was ready for even more training.

“Alright, let’s continue this with another echoed voice and headbutt combination like before, Furfrou,” Somehow Felix was feeling rather excited as well. If furfrou could manage to use its strengths to the fullest and erase most of its usual weaknesses, they might actually soar to new heights as trainer and pokémon.

Furfrou heard the request, tensed its muscles again and took a deep breath, after which it let out a threatening roar which ripped through the air like a cannonball, displaying the strength the move had when used repeatedly and thus greatly pleasing both the pokémon and the trainer with the results. After he had let out his incredibly loud voice, the furfrou tensed the muscles in its hind legs and launched itself forwards, smashing against a tree head on, which resulted in the wood loudly creaking and a large amount of leafs tumbling down.

There was no doubt that if there were any pokémon in that tree, they would’ve dropped down like ripe apples as well, but luckily there weren’t any in them, save for a few typical pidgins that fluttered away in the sky after the tree was hit. “Very good boy, very good!!”

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