Ezekiel Clifford Scott Crawford (WIP)

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Ezekiel Clifford Scott Crawford (WIP)

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Core Information

Name: Ezekiel Clifford Scott Crawford
Nicknames/Aliases: Zee
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Oldale Town, Hoenn
Trainer Classification: Trainer
Character Tracker:

Physical Attributes

Height: 6′ 02″
Weight: 173.3 lbs
Appearance: Zee is a tall, thin man appearing no more than in his middle twenties, with pale skin and dark, curly hair. His eyes can appear to be silver, blue or even green depending on the light. His outfit consists of a long ulster coat, the collar spiked up (a part of his "cool" image), and a dark blue scarf. Beneath his coat, he always wears a black suit with a dress shirt, no tie.
Defining Traits: Long legs.


Personality: When his Hoenn adventure first started, Zee didn't have very much in the way of personality.

Constantly moving towards impressive achievements.Fear of rejection due to being unaccomplished and worthless.
Perception of himself as being somehow different or unique; thus, Ford can manage to feel superior to others......while also secretly harboring some degree of longing and envy.
Extremely motivated individual, unwilling to give up even after the greatest losses.May feel overwhelmed and incapable of dealing with the world around him.
Intends to be a master of his fate.Pervasive, underlying fear of being violated, betrayed or controlled while at the mercy of others.

Battle Style:


Zee has attempted to become the Pokémon League Champion of three different regions, with varying success, and for differing reasons. He has captured many Pokémon throughout his journey.

The journey that started it all. Zee began his first League Challenge to earn the approval of his parents. However, he eventually continued for less selfish reasons, instead: finding himself and his significance in the world and being capable and competent. This journey is unique in that not only is it the original journey, but it is also the first failed journey too, because Zee's team was wiped at the Champion battle, and all his Pokémon were violently murdered (according to the International Police) the following day. Pokémon that he had left in the Storage System disappeared. To this day, the case remains unsolved.
Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile: Zee's starter Pokémon. Death by disembowelment.
Seedot/Nuzleaf: Zee's first catch. Death by explosion.
Silcoon/Beautifly: 'A piece of shit' that Zee grew attached to. Death by poisoning.
Zigzagoon/Linoone: According to the Interpol: possibly died protecting Loudred from an unidentified assailant(s).
Whismur/Loudred: Initially hated by Zee for causing multiple defeats of Linoone, he regained his masters' love because of his immunity to Supersonic attacks. Death by blood drainage.
Makuhita/Hariyama: Zee's favorite Pokémon. Disemboweled, like Sceptile.
Wingull/Pelipper: A valuable member of Zee's team. Sacrificed himself many times to ensure the team's victories while battling very tough opponents. Death by burning.
Numel/Camerupt: Defeated by Drake's Salamence, because Zee was not confident to defeat the Dragon. Death by explosion.
Absol: A 'Shadow Ballin!' Absol, that Zee found 'so cool'. Death by disembowelment.
Magikarp: A boxed Pokémon. Missing, possibly dead.
Tentacool: Like Magikarp, also a boxed Pokémon, that is missing and possibly dead.
Spheal/Sealeo/Walrein: Initially a Pokémon that Zee only added to his team because he needed somebody that could ferry him across water. However, Walrein proved her strength by defeating a very tough Crobat, after it defeated Loudred. Like Absol and Sceptile, died of disembowelment.
Medicham: A philosophical member of the team and the final catch in his Hoenn journey. He was also Zee's first Elite Four loss, being one-hit-killed by a Sheer Cold from Glacia's Walrein. Death by decapitation.

Defining Moments:

Other Information

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