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Post by Lost Caravan on Thu Jun 30, 2016 8:13 am

Character: Acel Bryce

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PokéballAcel Bryce's Tracker Porygon_zps3f9ac778
Pokémon: Porygon
Nickname: -
Gender: Neutral
Personality: This Porygon is both independent and hardworking, willing to chip in whenever Acel needs it with much enthusiasm, but happy to roam on its own when its company is unwanted. It can be surprisingly skittish despite this, however, and this can make scary places or battle scenarios a bit of a chore. Otherwise it is kind and considerate, although grouchy and sluggish when its power is ticking low. As its origins involve it being sold from a pachinko parlour, Porygon has an attention to detail, but also dislikes being stuck in small spaces for too long in its proper, solid form.
Original Trainer: Acel Bryce
Ability: Download - Attack is increased when the foe's defense is lower than its special defense or increases special attack when the foe's special defense is lower than its defense stat.
Level: 5
Moveset: Conversion 2, Tackle, Conversion, Sharpen
Happiness: 0
Exp: 0

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