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Dewford Town Gym Empty Dewford Town Gym

Post by Alice Hope on Fri Oct 09, 2015 7:11 pm

Dewford Town Gym 200px-VSBrawlyDewford Town Gym 50px-Knuckle_Badge
"I'm Brawly! Dewford’s Gym Leader! I've been churned in the rough waves of these parts... And I've grown tough using the cave at the outskirts of this town as my training ground, as well as using the equipment in this Gym. So you want to challenge me? Let me see what you're made of!"

Dewford Town Gym Machop
Pokemon: Machop
Gender: Male
Level: 16
Ability: Guts

Dewford Town Gym Meditite
Pokemon: Meditite
Gender: Male
Level: 16
Ability: Pure Power

Dewford Town Gym Makuhita
Pokemon: Makuhita
Gender: Male
Level: 19
Ability: Guts
Held Item: Sitrus Berry

Dewford Town Gym Hitmontop
Pokemon: Hitmontop
Gender: Male
Level: 35
Ability: Intimidate

Dewford Town Gym Hitmonchan
Pokemon: Hitmonchan
Gender: Male
Level: 40
Ability: Keen Eye

Dewford Town Gym Hitmonlee
Pokemon: Hitmonlee
Gender: Male
Level: 46
Ability: Limber

Dewford Town Gym Breloom
Pokemon: Breloom
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Ability: Effect Spore

Dewford Town Gym Heracross
Pokemon: Heracross
Gender:[/b Male
Level: 50
Ability: Swarm

Dewford Town Gym Scrafty
Pokemon: Scrafty
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Ability: Shed Skin
Held Item: Leftovers

Dewford Town Gym Mienshao
Pokemon: Mienshao
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Ability: Inner Focus
Held Item: Life Orb
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