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Character Creation Template

Post by Avaritia on Fri Oct 09, 2015 4:11 pm

The coded section below is the trainer creation template. H-Hey! Where are you going? You can just dash off and assume you know everything about the information and the requirements. At least let me explain all of the parts we're asking you to fill out.

Before I move on to the information explanations and requirements, it's recommended that you don't mess with any of the top table styling code if you're unfamiliar with how it works. That's not to say you can't, messing with it is just more likely to break the code and mess up your app. If in doubt, don't change it!

Core Information
This section is the most straightforward. The Name should be first and last, regardless of if your character knows it or not. It's still their name, after all. Nickname/Alias isn't required. Age should be logical with not only your character's appearance but also their background and history. A 12 year old Trainer wouldn't have just gotten out of college with their doctorate. A 30 year old isn't going to look like a teenager. Gender is self-explanatory. Birthplace should include both region and town/area that they were born in. Finally, trainer classification can be reviewed here if you're unsure of which you'd like your character to be. Character Tracker may be left blank for now, but please add a link to their character tracker once it's made after the character's approval.

Physical Attributes
Height and Weight are pretty easy to figure out. If you're using a picture to go along with your character, please make it reasonable. A 6ft. hulking person in an image isn't going to be 5'2" because your app said so. Both go hand-in-hand. Appearance can either be an image containing your character's full-body, an image of your character's face with a description of things such as clothing, or solely a description. Please note that if you choose to use an image, you'll have to visit our faceclaim thread. If coupled with an image of your character's face, your description only has to be about 5 sentences. If you're choosing to only use a written description, then it must be at least 7 sentences. Finally, defining traits are what make your character really stand out. Do they have a massive scar on their face, or have two different colored eyes? What would someone remember about them after their first encounter? Although this isn't required, it helps create a sense of uniqueness toward your character.

Personality is the core of your character. How do they act, what do they believe in? This is the section to truly make them shine. Be mindful of the other aspects of your app as well, how does their History tie into who they are? Are the conscious of their appearance, does their trainer classification influence their outlook and goals? This section should be at least 15 sentences, but more is always better. Strengths and weaknesses help ground your character, and there should be at least 3 each. Build these from your app. If your character ran a lot as a kid as noted in your History, they may have Athletic as a strength. If they always had trouble making friends and forming bonds, then loneliness could be a weakness. Battle Style is the typical way your character would act in a battle. Do they use all-out attack? Focus on item use? This should be at least 2 sentences.

History is also a core aspect of your character. What has happened in their life so far, what instances have made them who they are? Even though not everyone has an exciting history, they all have had something that has influenced and rests notably in their path on life. This section should be at least 15 sentences, but like other sections, we highly encourage you to write more. Make your character notable, make them interesting! Defining Moments should be just a brief list of what really stuck out in your character's life and History. Its length is up to you, but please be sure to include all the notable moments written in your character's History.

Now that I've explained every section, I should note something very important. We want your character to be interesting and unique. Even if you have all of the required information, you may not get accepted right away. The staff have the full right to ask you to elaborate or add to your character, and it's truly in your best interest if they do. They won't ask you to do so without reason.

Other Information
This section is entirely up to you to cover anything else that doesn't fit in the rest of the application. Does your character have some sort of ability? (So long as it's not too outlandish or overpowered!) Is there something else we should know about them? This area can be left blank if you'd like, but it's there if you ever want to use it, even if it's edited in because it was developed through roleplay later on!


[table style="padding: 1px; border: 2px solid;
background: #cfdce8; box-shadow: 1 1 1pt #878787; margin: 10px auto
auto; -webkit-border-radius: 10px; -moz-border-radius: 10px;
border-radius: 10px;" width="100%"][tr][td]
[center][b][size=15][u]Core Information[/u][/size]

[b]Trainer Classification:[/b]
[b]Character Tracker:[/b]


[center][b][size=15][u]Physical Attributes[/u][/size]

[b]Defining Traits:[/b]



[b]Battle Style:[/b]



[b]Defining Moments:[/b]


[center][b][size=15][u]Other Information[/u][/size][/b][/center]


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