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Post by MegaAbsol on Mon Feb 15, 2016 10:31 pm

Character: Eve Iridescence

Event Participation Database:

Event Reward Database for Character:

Valentine's Day 2016
3 Rare Candies, 5 Sweet Hearts, 2 Lava Cookies, 1 Moomoo Milk

Journey so Far:

Bolded means the information needs to be added to the character thread.
Non-bolded has been added to the character information.

First Thread Title:

Into the void
In the process of getting a starter Starter received!
Who are you?
Training topic
[Encounter/plot/open] The lion returns to its den
Plot where Eve meets up with Felix and they journey together, both aspiring to beat Pewter's gym. Eve catches a Snivy.

Active Team:

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Eve Iridescence~ || Character Tracker~

Guild: Hunter
Weapon: Bow, arrows, daggers
Armor: Regular clothing, lightly armoured
Money: 1 Silver, 86 Coppers
Status: Healthy

Bank: N/A
Items: Handkerchiefs, drawing pad, pencils

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