Birthday Disaster

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Birthday Disaster

Post by cynda1 on Fri Jan 08, 2016 9:39 pm

"It's called a Minccino," her father had said after she had opened the lid and revealed a kind of chinchilla Pokemon who was scratching at the ribbon tied around its neck. "Isn't it cute? My friend from the Unova region sent it over, and he said that she's a girl. Personally, I don't know how he knows that, since he sent me pictures of a male and female Minccino, and honestly, I can't tell the difference. But, anyway, I know you don't like Pokemon, but I think that if you just give this one a chance, then maybe you may learn to like her. What do you think?" The teen was staring at the little rodent with a rather shocked, but neutral face. Her insides felt like they were boiling with unforgiving, unadulterated rage, but it was too much for her to express.


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