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Post by Avaritia on Sun Jan 03, 2016 4:44 pm

Hey there Pokemon Genesis peeps. I've been meaning to type this up for a while now, but popping in amidst an empty site always seemed to drive me to put it off more and more, but a PM in my inbox reminded me that it was high time I actually wrote something down. I can't really explain fully why I haven't been around, and I take sad responsibility for not trying to be more proactive. The Holidays, while nice, were kinda a somber time for me due to it being about one year since my Dad passed away and all that heavy stuff. Beyond that, there's been hanging out with my brother before he's deployed, catching up on actually reading my book hoard/impulse buys, saving my seemingly immortal fish from the merciless claws of death,  discovering and loving working with Pokemon Essentials, as well as simply enjoying my Holiday Break. Speaking of which, losing myself in schoolwork for a while did do its part, and I managed to pull mostly A's and one B for the semester that just ended...

All that being said, none of it really pertained to the site. And the sad fact is, for whatever reason, I lost my drive. I didn't feel motivated to actively roleplay, there was nobody on when I did check in, and there were just other things to do. As an Administrator, though, I feel incredibly bad about this, and even my fleeting attempts to try and get back into things by handling character apps wasn't as effective as I'd have liked. I don't really know what the other staff members have been up to, but I'm going to try and pull my weight once more and humbly apologize for my absence. I can't guarantee that I'll be 100% in these coming days, but I'll work up to it and hopefully re-find my enthusiasm for actually roleplaying and modding again.

I am thoroughly convinced my fish is an undying God.


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